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About me | DR Rymsza

About me

Aleksandra Rymsza

MD, PhD, Dermatologist

I am an alumni of the Faculty of medicine of the Wroclaw Medical University. I obtained a Diploma of a second degree consultant in Dermatology and Venereology as well as my PhD at the Department of Dermatology and Allergology.

I am a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, the World Society Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine, Aesthetic Dermatology Section of the Polish Society of Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine Section with the Polish Medical Association and the Polish Society of Preventive and Anti-aging Medicine.

Currently I work at one of most prestigious clinics in Warsaw, i.e. Dr Szczyt’s Plastic Surgery Clinic.  

I have been treating skin and hair conditions for over 20 years, and since 2006 I have also worked in the area of aesthetic medicine. Skin is my passion, and I constantly  expand my horizons in search of the best ways to care for skin.  In my line of work I assist patients in identifying their needs and choosing best therapy methods. I perform various procedures, i.a. using Hyaluronic Acid, botulinum toxin, lasers and focused ultrasound, focusing first of all on regenerative capacities of our bodies.

I specialize in anti-aging prevention and advanced techniques of skin rejuvenation that use our own tissues. Among others, I use for his purpose, platelet-rich plasma, adipose tissue and stem cells. In the latter area I cooperate with one of the best centers in the United States, in Florida. I deepen my knowledge of treatments and care products at numerous congresses and seminars, including international ones, while reading in my spare time and trying out new methods in order to apply acquired skills in everyday practice.